Edmonton Temple

... A Church you can call home

Expressing the heart of Jesus Christ in our community

Community Based Ministry

We are very blessed at Edmonton Temple to have a number of people in our congregation who have very special skills and talents.  We also recognize the importance of unity and building and investing in people.


Becasuse of that recognition, we offer programming for a variety of ages.  Whether it's a child learning to play a musical instrument, a dinner and entertainment for seniors, or an opportunity to gather for dessert and fellowship, there's something at Edmonton Temple for you!


Click the button below to find out how to get involved! 



The Salvation Army is known for our work with the poor and marginalized.  But did you know that what we do is a result of what we believe?


We have a desire to serve those in need in our community because that's what we see in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Our Community Ministries Office provides support and care to those who need to regain a sense of hope in their lives.  


Please click the button below to find out more about the Salvation Army's comitment to Giving Hope Today through social response.



The Church

One of the great joys and privilleges of the global church is the opportunity to share together in worship.  Each Sunday Morning, the congregation at Edmonton Temple gather for a time of Christian Family Worship.


These sacred moments are marked by singing, prayer, reading scripture, and a pastoral sermon rooted in the Bible.


So, why not join us?  We would love to see you, and your family!


Sunday Morning Worship  

11:00 am weekly

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